We are a small and family business founded and empowered by women. Two sisters who grew up between fabrics and threads, our mother was a dressmaker, so, the sound of the sewing machine was always familiar music to us. Create and design was entrenched in our souls.

Years later we decided to create Kanica Décor, a Salvadorian brand of home décor pillows, made with love and passion, this is how we became the “pillow girls” as some people used to call us.

Our happy and faithful customers lead us to create more and more products.


To rescue our cultural heritage, we design and create exclusive pieces using our Salvadorian handwoven fabric, made in artisan pedal loom. We work along with local artisans from a rural town to support their economy and preserve this ancient technique.


Also, we have a modern product series made with industrial fabrics as well, and other elements that combine textures, natural fiber and leather. We love to fusion modern designs with ancestral techniques.

We do what we love, we leave a piece of our hearts in every piece we make. We believe your home should be the spirit of your soul, the sum of everything that makes you happy.

Our goal is give you the elements that help you to find beauty and happiness to make your house a great home


In a third world country we believe in helping women to support their families and their children by providing them a fair paid job and the opportunity to learn and develop their potential.

We value our culture and believe in preserving our traditions. Working and appreciating our artisan people by means of ethical and fair trade

Our timeless designs are carefully made with the heart to promote a responsible consumption. Pieces you can adjust to your style with a story behind.

Everything made with love is well done… quality and responsibility are a must for us. We put an extra effort in details to make every piece special and promote love for handmade goods

Kanica Decor
Kanica Decor
Kanica Decor
Kanica Decor
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